Are you looking to spice up your home?

Most home renovation projects involve interior upgrades. Many homeowners spend a lot of money on improving ventilation and changing countertops. There are 12% more interior remodels than exterior home improvements.

However, if you plan on selling your home in the future, it may help to consider its face value. When estimating home value, the condition of your outdoor space counts as well. An attractive exterior, functional house, and well-maintained landscape can boost its value.

So, where should you start? Read on to discover different home improvement projects to try out in your outdoor space.


1. Replace and Maintain Roof


The roof serves as the first line of defense against heat, storms, and falling debris. With this, maintaining your roof and repairing any damage is necessary.

Leaving your roof in poor shape can lead to leaks, mold development, and other issues. For instance, a small leak can result in a large-scale water problem across home systems.

To keep your roof in good condition, conduct an annual inspection. Look for missing shingles and material damage. By understanding these signs, you can mitigate unforeseeable issues.

Instead of waiting for roofing issues to escalate, get a roof replacement. Clean the structure, change damaged shingles, and invest in quality materials. Then, maintain its condition by assessing it often.


2. Change Windows


Aside from enjoying scenic views, windows provide enough light and good ventilation. Moreover, windows can set the appearance and mood of your property.

If your windows are old and clunky, change them in your next home renovation project. Go for a new style, size, and frame to make your house more beautiful. However, never sacrifice comfort for aesthetics.

When changing windows, consider how they can affect your home. Can they improve lighting and ventilation inside? Most window designs today modernize the space, improve security, and reduce energy costs.

To enjoy these benefits, choose energy-star qualified windows. Changing your single-pane windows with quality ones can save you at least $101 per year. Depending on the material, new windows can add value to your home.


3. Replace Doors


One of the best exterior home improvements to consider is replacing your doors. From the entrance to the garage, new doors provide a positive return on investment. It can improve your house’s energy efficiency, durability, and security.

Like windows, stylish and modern doors can increase property value. It leaves a strong impression on everyone entering your home. Some materials promote energy efficiency, too!

Fiberglass and steel are currently the most popular. They are less maintenance-demanding, more sturdy, and more affordable than wood.

If replacing doors is out of your budget, you can spruce them up instead. Enhance their appearance with a fresh coat of paint or wood stain. To fit your new style, change the knobs, handles, and other fixtures.


4. Repaint Siding


Like your roof, siding protects you from the changing weather and outdoor elements. It keeps water from getting inside your house and prevents mold development. Moreover, good siding provides insulation, which helps you save money.

However, failing to maintain it poses a negative impact on the visual appeal of your home. It can weaken the structure and make your property vulnerable to severe damage. With this, it is crucial to care for the house exterior.

To avoid expensive repairs, conduct regular maintenance. Address potential issues to prevent their development. After maintenance and reparations, repaint the home siding.

Apart from bringing color, applying a fresh coat of paint can protect your house from damage. It can seal gaps or cracks, preventing water from getting inside and causing issues. To ensure property longevity, perform necessary maintenance activities.

If you are building a new home, choose the best home siding and paint it with the color that fits the style.


5. Add a Deck or a Patio


Do you often host events at home? Organizing house parties is one of the best parts of being a homeowner. However, the vibe can fall off in a cramped space because it is hard to interact with others.

For your next home renovation project, add an outdoor deck or patio. It provides more space to host parties and increases home value. Moreover, you can use the extended living space to relax in the open.

To ensure it fits your home style, consider its purpose, design, and budget. Adding a deck or patio involves many intricacies, including expensive labor and materials. On average, building an extended space costs an average of $8,003, so extensive planning is crucial.


6. Add Accents Exterior


Accentuating the house’s exterior is another way to boost curb appeal. Although the idea is simple, adding accent sections can leave a huge impact. They create depth and visual interest on a budget, making your home more appealing.

To boost visual appeal, add accents like decorative trim, vertical panels, or shingles. These exterior home improvements are affordable and quick to finish.

To create a unique pattern, alter the siding styles in different areas of your home. You can paint fixtures of the house exterior to bring out their colors.


7. Improve Your Landscape and Keep It Clean


Home renovation projects are useless if you cannot maintain your outdoor space.

To improve the house exterior and its curb appeal, keep landscaping in mind. Many homeowners fail to maintain their landscapes, resulting in a shabby outdoor space.

Mow your lawn, sweep the leaves, and remove debris to keep it neat. Consider cutting the branches hovering over your house.

Next, create a plan that details how you want to improve your property. You can plant flowers, edge flower beds, and add outdoor lighting. For a neat look, consider pressure-washing the driveway.

Like accents, landscaping is a fast and simple project. However, its impact can make a huge difference in your property’s perceived value. With this, create a regular landscaping schedule to maintain curb appeal.


Exterior Home Improvements: What Can You Do?


From boosting curb appeal to raising market value, exterior home improvements are beneficial. Moreover, they enhance your comfort level and give you a better living experience.

Have you considered what project to pursue? At Riverview Home Improvements, we value quality craftsmanship and a profound commitment. Transform your home with us today!